Our Strength is Our Team

President's Message:
Our Strength is Our Team 

USBC President Ron Busby (center) along with USBC Staff & Consultants

As the voice of Black business owners, we are tasked with advocating for and representing America's Black business owners. Our motto is: In order for there to be a strong America, there must be a strong Black America, and in order for there to be a strong Black America, there must be strong Black businesses. In our work to grow the number of Black owned businesses I must point out our strength is in our team, the USBC staff has played a key role in making an impact in the Black entrepreneurship community. Here's a glance at how our team is helping to cultivate and support Black business owners:
  • Name: Alisa Joseph
  • Title: Chief Operating Officer
  • Highlight: Implemented USBC's lending programs to expand access to credit and contracting opportunities to Black-owned businesses.
  • Name: David Smith
  • Title: Chief of Staff
  • Highlight: Makes direct connections for aspiring African American entrepreneurs to gain access to new partners, resources, and information.
  • Name: Leslie Jean
  • Title: Project Director of Capital Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center
  • Highlight: Increased the bonding capacity of Black-owned businesses to almost $20 million dollars in 6 months.
  • Name: Krystal Glass
  • Title: Communications Consultant 
  • Highlight: Plays a pivitol role in promoting Black owned businesses through social media, and communicating our message to stakeholders, members, and Black-owned publications such as POLITIC365, Black Enterprise, and The Informer.
  • Name: Kevin Vaughan
  • Title: Program Manager - Capital Pathways
  • Highlight: In partnership with the Oakland Black Chamber, Kevin helped facilitate a $10k award to a Black business owner. 
  • Name: Talisha Hill
  • Title: Director, Business Development
  • Highlight: Secured funding from 4 new corporate partners to invest in Black business development.
  • Name: Brian Morse
  • Title: Partner, USBC Directory
  • Highlight: Growing and to expanding the USBC's Directory and Mobile App. Brian has represented the USBC at Essence, NAACP, National Urban League, Heart and Soul, National Gay Lesbian and Transgender Chamber of Commerce, Rainbow Push national convention  and many others.
  • Name: Deloris Wilson
  • Title: Program Manager, Millennial Entrepreneurs Redefined
  • Highlight: Witnessed a millennial entrepreneur incorporate her company, publish her first book, and sell her products through USBC's Millennial Entrepreneurs Redefined program. 
  • Name: John Stanford
  • Title: Managing Director, Prism Group
  • Highlight: Worked in tandem with USBC to protect critical funding for minority entrepreneurship. 
I'm proud to say our team has had many accomplishments which have indirectly and directly impacted Black business owners. As we look ahead, we look forward to continuing to grow our team, our efforts, and impact in the Black entrepreneurship community. 

In the spirit of success, 

Ron Busby, Sr.
U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.