Another Celebrity Advocate Joins USBC

Another Celebrity Advocate Joins USBC's
Buy-Black, Bank-Black Initiative
Washington, DC- As social unrest continues to unravel our community, it's crucial that we begin to pool our resources, be strategic about where we spend our money, and begin to take serious action towards the economic and social upliftment of our community.
As the voice of Black business owners we're encouraging our membership of over 250,000 Black business owners to take an economic stand against the injustices facing our community by fighting with one of our most valuable resources (our money). We're encouraging our members and Black Americans to Buy-Black and Bank-Black. Join us.
In the Spirit of Success,

Ron Busby, Sr.
USBC President & CEO
U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.
The USBC has partnered with one of the nation's most trusted and historic Black banks-- Liberty Bank & Trust to create a new bank card. Celebrity basketball icon Lisa Leslie has joined the USBC in amplifying the call to Buy-Black, Bank-Black. 

Video: Celebrity Advocate Lisa Leslie 

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