Black Influencer: Maggie Anderson Advocates for USBC


Black Influencer Advocates for
USBC's Bank-Black Initiative
Black History is full of trailblazers and pioneers that fought to build the Black community from the ground up, we will not let them down. We're doing our part to support the economic development of the Black community through our Bank-Black credit card initiative, which was specifically created to help Black entrepreneurs obtain much needed capital. 

Hear Maggie Anderson make the connection between Black History Month, Black entrepreneurship, and the USBC's Bank-Black initiative:
Maggie Anderson- activist, speaker, author, expert on economics in the Black community.
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Bank-Black is the single most powerful economic movement currently taking place in Black America. "Now" is the time to utilize our Black banks as more than a place to hold our money, but as a resource for securing capital. In an effort to help Black entrepreneurs obtain capital for personal or business use, we've created a credit card program with one of the nation's most trusted and historic Black-owned banks-- Liberty Bank. Join us in Banking-Black. Learn more and apply today: