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Certified Chamber Executive

Certified Chamber Executive (CCE) -  Credentials for Advanced Chamber Leaders

Offered through the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE), the Certified Chamber Executive (CCE) is a national designation for chamber professionals.  CCE exemplify commitment to the chamber of commerce profession; dedication to managerial and leadership excellence; and leadership in state, regional, and national chamber professional associations.  USBC members seeking to take their chamber to the next level can begin the process of preparing for the 2016 CCE exam today!  For additional support please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ACCE developed the Body of Knowledge for the chamber profession. It establishes benchmarks for the chamber profession and serves as the foundation for ACCE's educational programs. The document outlines general job competencies and is updated, as necessary, to reflect current chamber profession practices. It is understood that chamber professionals need not have expertise or direct responsibility in all of these areas yet should have a comprehensive understanding of how each component impacts the chamber. By reviewing the Body of Knowledge and working towards comprehending and implementing these practices, chamber professionals will be empowered with the essential skills necessary to be successful in the profession.  See more here:



Earning the CCE is a four-step process. Candidates are required to successfully complete each step with a minimum score in each category to earn the designation. Candidates will be informed of their status after each step and counseled regarding the results. All information is confidential.  If you are ready to begin the process, please submit an Intent to Apply so we know to expect your application.

Four Steps:
1. Application

2. Essay

3. Oral Presentation/Interview

4. Examination Process

For additional details, click here:


CCE Eligibility Requirements

Applicants are required to have at least six years of senior-level chamber management experience and be currently employed in a senior-level chamber management position.  In order to be considered a senior level manager, the applicant must manage a staff, a budget, programs, and have direct contact with the board. Applicants must also adhere to the CCE code of ethics. Earning the CCE designation is a four-step process which is outlined in the Process for Earning the CCE Designation.

For additional informatino on the entire CCE process, please see the ACCE website:



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