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Focus Solutions

Mr. Busby,

I wanted to thank you for sponsoring me for the Women’s Business Enterprise Program at Tuck.

I cannot stress enough the difference that Tuck has made on my business.  The fact that your organization realizes the importance of high level professional development for businesses like mine is visionary.

The fact is one week of training provides the initial excitement, motivation and opportunity for impactful development.  However, the continuation of high level trainings like Tuck’s Business Enterprise Program helps business owners realize the advances and support needed in the development of their businesses.  Additionally, these trainings assist with the development of business leaders for a global market which can have transformational impact on our local communities and the nation.

With the U.S. Black Chamber sponsoring businesses like mine, you have enlightened us to see the world, and in particular our role in the world , much differently.  Last week I saw fifty (50) enterprising women business leaders leave with a new charge to change the landscape and make a difference in each of our communities by bringing about change, and sharing of information.

Mr. Busby, thank you for your leadership, your vision, and your commitment to the prosperity of our nation through the development of our business community and their leaders.

Zola Stewart

President, CEO

Focus Solutions