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Kam Chancellor helps NFL hopeful fulfill dream five years removed from college

By April 21, 2016 May 12th, 2016 No Comments

Giavanni Ruffin has been waiting five years for an opportunity to play in the NFL. The Seahawks finally gave him a chance, thanks to Pro Bowl safety Kam Chancellor.

Ruffin and Chancellor are both from the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area and Ruffin said his “best friend” helped arrange a private workout with the Seahawks.

“We’ve been working fitness boot camps throughout Washington. Every day we train and one day Kam was like, ‘Man, you can still play,'” Ruffin told Omnisport Thursday night. “I never wanted to ask Kam to see if he could talk to anyone because he’s doing his own thing. I never brought it up. But the next day he came to and said, ‘Hey, I put my name on the line for you. You’re finally going to get your opportunity.'”

After Monday’s workout with the Seahawks, an emotional Ruffin made the announcement in a tweet.

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