USBC staff members can be booked for a special workshop, presentation or
keynote at your local event, or via the web for an online meeting or webinar.

Topics Include:

– National Trends in Business/Entrepreneurship/Public Policy/ Supplier Diversity/ Racial Equity
– Latest from Inside the Beltway
– Creating a High Performing Advocacy and Grassroots strategy
– Government and private sector contracting and commerce
– International trade and export/import
– Infrastructure Investment in Jobs Act; Inflation Reduction Act; CHIPS Act
– Mergers; Joint Ventures; Acquisition Entrepreneurship


Thank you for your request. Please tell us more about your event by completing the questions below. as soon as possible. The more thorough the information provided, the easier it is for us to respond quickly. Ideally your request should be placed 6-10 weeks in advance, however, we will do our best to accommodate you.

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