Grow With Google

We’ve partnered with Google to help get the word out about their new Black-owned business attribute. This feature allows merchants in the U.S. with a verified Business Profile to add a Black-owned business attribute, making it easier for customers to support them. Together with Google, we will provide training for Black-owned businesses to enhance their online presence through the use of digital tools like Google My Business and Google Analytics. We know by partnering with Google, we can help more businesses connect with their community and customers.

To learn how to add the Black-owned business attribute to your Business Profile on Google, see here. If you don’t have a Business Profile, watch this video to learn how to set one up.

Head to Google.com/Grow to learn more about Google’s digital skills resources.

Small Business Resource

Helping small businesses grow is critical to economic growth and revitalization in our communities and Google is here to help.  In its dedicated resource page is video content developed especially to meet the challenges and changing needs of businesses.  Not only will these tools help you navigate through the pandemic, they will also help you identify ways to drive more future revenue.
The on-demand videos are available for you to use on your own anytime or you can take part in our sessions to get you started.  There’s also a self-starter app to move your forward with short tips and tools that you can download to your mobile device – HERE
A list of topics and dates are provided – please click on the link or bookmark usblackchambers.org/webinars to register for these (fill in US Black Chambers or USBC in “How did you hear about us?” section) and other resources provided to give you the help and support you need.

Upcoming Sessions

September 7th 5:00 PM EST
Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs & Email Marketing
Grow with Google
September 14th 5:00 PM EST
Sell Online with E-Commerce Tools
Grow with Google
September 16th 5:00 PM EST
Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs & Email Marketing Part 2
Grow with Google
September 21st, 22nd or 23rd 5:00 PM EST
How to make digital marketing work for your business
Grow with Google
September 23th 5:00 PM EST
How to use analytics to target your customers
Grow with Google
September 28th 5:00 PM EST
Reach Customers Online with Google
Grow with Google
September 30th 5:00 PM EST
Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs & The New Normal
Grow with Google