ByBlack Certified: 4 Black-Owned Beauty and Fashion Brands That’ll Keep You Looking Fly

No matter what you might be looking for, there is a Black-owned business that can cater to your every need. As Black Business Month continues to emphasize the variety of durable, sustainable and unique Black-owned businesses at our disposal, it also brings to light the importance of supporting them year round.

In this spirit, EBONY is proud to support ByBlack, an established platform that gives foundational assistance to businesses led by Black entrepreneurs. Powered and created by the US Black Chambers (USBC), ByBlack posts an expansive database of verified Black-owned businesses that can be utilized by all.

Here are some ByBlack certified businesses that will help you look, smell and feel good:

Talley and Twine

There’s nothing like a gleaming timepiece to complete one’s look, especially when you’re able to match your wrist candy with a loved one’s. Talley and Twine, one of the few Black-owned brands to be in this rarefied space, prioritize quality and visibility through its signature watch collections.

Talley and Twine His and Her Gift Set, $410, Image: courtesy of Talley and Twine.

Sienna Naturals

Founded by Issa Rae and Hannah Diop, Sienna Naturals is a dermatologist-approved, holistic haircare brand that caters to textured tresses. From nourishing hair oils to gentle, hydrating shampoos to deeply-moisturizing conditioners, Sienna Naturals has all the elements of natural hair maintenance covered.

Sienna Naturals Dream Curl Wash Day Bundle, $88, Image: courtesy of Sienna Naturals.

Garçon Couture

With some of the most talked about suits across social media, Garçon Couture has amassed its heavy following for the label’s dedication to sleek and dapper flair. The line’s seamlessly tailored suits carry an old school touch, reminiscent of Savile Row haberdashery, with a modern flex.

Garçon Couture Blue/Burgundy Plaid Suit with Blue Mask, Contrast Pink and White Shirt, $530, Image: courtesy of Garçon Couture.

Janet & Jo

Whether you’re in the mood for an at-home DIY mani-pedi or want to spice up you go-to nail tech’s collection, Janet & Jo.’s toxin-free nail lacquers come in a variance of rich colors and shades. From bright neon shades to sultry nudes, you’re sure to find a hue that will suit your mood.

Janet & Jo “An Entire Mood” Nail Lacquer, $18, Image: courtesy of Janet & Jo.