Resources for Black Business Owners

February 1 , 2020
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Krystal Glass
Resources for Black Business Owners
“As we commemorate Black History Month, we honor the history, sacrifices, and contributions Black Americans make at every intersection of society. Looking ahead at the future livelihood for Black Americans the economic statistics are devastating. A recent study predicts wealth in the Black community may fall to zero by 2053. We undoubtedly believe 2 of the most effective ways to avoid economic devastation are:
#1 Entrepreneurship- entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, we’re not suggesting every Black American quit their job and pursue entrepreneurship, instead we’re suggesting that every Black American pursue owning a product or service that they can monetize.
#2 Intentional Consumer- knowing the statistics as it relates to the wealth gap and the economic livelihood of Black America, it is crucial that Black people make it a daily intention to buy from a Black-owned business not as a trend or feel-good moment, but as a necessity to sustain Black-owned businesses.
We are hopeful our message will not fall on deaf ears but will be swiftly executed by those that understand the sacrifices made throughout Black History and the importance of the Black future.”
Ron Busby, Sr
President & CEO
U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.