U.S. Black Chambers Statement on Senate broadband hearing

“Congress and the Administration must work together on a plan

that brings all Americans into the digital age”

The following statement is from Ron Busby, President, U.S. Black Chambers:

Covid-19 has devastated millions of small businesses across America. This is more than a devastating economic loss, it’s a social and community loss. For many Black communities, the COVID-19 pandemic hits especially hard because it has pushed many Black-owned businesses to possibly the brink of no return.

Against this backdrop, it’s more important than ever that we advocate for expanding and improving internet access. America’s Internet has shown remarkable success in handling surging consumer demand. But there are countless under-served businesses and consumers who do not have broadband, this demands Congress’ attention.

Without access to high-speed broadband, communities-of-color and low-income communities will face even harsher job loss and a drastic lack of access to education and innovation. Recent studies indicate that in the next decade over 50% of the U.S. working population will work as “freelancers.” To address the future communities-of-color, low income, and rural communities deserve a path forward that helps bolster jobs in their communities.

This week’s Senate hearing on how we can improve broadband is timely and extremely important. It highlights a critically important issue to help our communities recover from the pandemic. In these trying times businesses with high-speed broadband have the benefit of online virtual healthcare, along with the ability to enroll in business educational courses and webinars.

The importance of improving America’s broadband transcends politics. This week’s hearing should be the first step towards a plan that brings all Americans into the digital age.

May 13, 2020
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